Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arduino Halloween

Had fun with the kids yesterday preparing for Halloween

1 pumpkin
1 recycled Happy Meal toy (I think)
1 Arduino Duemilanove
1 distance sensor
3 yellow LEDs
3 red LEDs
2 blue LEDs
1 9V battery
1 300 Ohm resistor


  1. Hello!
    Some time ago you hacked your Nabaztag so that you could control it using android and ADK. Can I ask what you would need to do to control the ears of a Nabaztag (using the stepper motor encoders) from an Arduino?

  2. Hi guys. Sharing our techie Halloween craft for kids
    It's an Arduino powered POV display. I hope it'll be helpful for somebody. Cheers. Alberto Morales.


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  6. Sounds like a creative and engaging Halloween project! Using a pumpkin, a recycled Happy Meal toy, an Arduino Duemilanove, a distance sensor, LEDs, and a 9V battery is a unique combination.

  7. Wow, what a fun and creative way to incorporate Arduino into Halloween! I never thought about using it to automate spooky decorations like this. Definitely going to try some of these projects for next year's Halloween.