Monday, May 16, 2011

Friday 13th

Disaster struck Friday:
You can say what you want about the dreaded BSOD on Windows but at least it tells you something.

Murphy's law struck at the worst possible time (of course) as I had just moved a lot of photos from my digital camera to my harddisk for editing and I hadn't uploaded them to Picasa yet. 

PhotoRec to the rescue, again, as it was able to recover all photos from the memory card. I've used in the past when my Compact Flash card got corrupted. PhotoRec managed to recover all the pictures including old, partially overwritten, photos. It's free, it works and runs on just about every OS there is. What more can you ask for?

I've got almost all my data in the cloud so I didn't loose much but I did loose some Android code I was playing around with. Time Machine would have kept my data safe but I cannot use it on my work machine so I put together a quick script using rsync to backup my personal directory yesterday. Let's see if it works on Friday January 13th 2012...

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  1. It's impressive how it can recover photos even from partially overwritten or corrupted memory cards. The fact that it's free, reliable, and compatible with various operating systems makes it an invaluable tool for photo recovery.