Monday, January 19, 2009



Trust me. You do not want this message flashing on your TV when you transfer old camcorder videos of your kids to a DVD Recorder:

It will be a pain to edit the pieces together, but I hope I got most of the tape starting/stopping/rewinding a few times. At least I hope so or I'm in trouble...



  1. I didn't understand what has happened (but has already happended something?).

    Tell me what is your problem and i'll try to help you.

  2. I have tons of recorded videos on old Hi8 tapes. This weekend I started transferring them all to DVD via a DVD recorder. After 10 hours continuous use I started getting the nice "TROUBLE" message blinking on the screen.

    "Rebooting" the camcorder worked but only for a few minutes. I guess it overheated or that there are problems with one particular tape. I hope it will be back to normal today after a good nights sleep :-)

    Thanks for offering to help. I'll start hunting for someone that can lend me an old camcorder if mine is still sick. The camera is more than 15 years old so I will retire it when I have transferred all the old tapes to DVDs.

  3. Perhaps I have one somewhere... let me check!