Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Finally solar powered!

It took longer than planned, but we finally made it:


“The Plant“ is finally live, producing 9 kWh on a short day like today. I cannot wait to see how much it produces during a typical Italian summer day.

It may not look like much but it should be enough to cover our energy needs based on the data from last year.

Installed with the fantastic support of the local Lega Ambiente di Limbiate and the 0 tax loan from


  1. Cool, I'm very curious and I have many question for you.

    How much did you pay for it? When will you break even?.

    Is there any specilized installer of such system?

    Lega Ambiente which part did take?


  2. Ciao Michele.

    How much did it cost? Too much! I'll give you the total amount offline the next time we meet for lunch. I am afraid you have to pay though... :-)

    (there is a one time investment of about 7k euro for each kilo watt)

    When will we break even? In about 10 years at the current engergy prices. But the zero interest loan is for 7 years so the situation is not too bad.

    Yes, there are several specialists. There are different systems as well. Some generate hot water for heating, other generate electricity. The problem for the electrical systems is that you cannot generate more than you used last year if you want to take advantage of the benefits. OK for a "private" house owner but a major problem for people who live in "condomini" as everybody have to agree...

    I wouldn't have known where to start without Lega Ambiente. The local group (Limbiate) meets at a regular basis and organizes "Gruppi di aquisto" for this.

    I will give you the contact details of the person that installed everything but you may be better off contacting the local office of Lega Ambiente.

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