Tuesday, May 20, 2008


NEVER underestimate the power of female intuition!

I have had a countdown status message in my office mail this week:

A female colleague a few thousand km away noticed and could not resist (keep in mind that I have never met her):

SuperWoman:  BTW, what are you celebrating in 2 days ;)
if i may ask

me: Guess
SuperWoman: wedding aniversary
me: correct !!!!
SuperWoman: congratulations ;)
me: The 10 years have gone very fast. Time flies when you have kids...
SuperWoman: next question...
how many ;)
sorry, I'm curious!
me: Since you are so incredibly good at guessing; lets see if you can guess the number of kids and age

SuperWoman: I'd say 2 kids, aged between 9 and 6??
me: I do NOT believe it.
My oldest daughter is 9
the youngest in 6

Are all women like this or am I that easy to read?

More importantly; what should I do with the aniversary gift? I am sure my wife knows what it is already...



  1. Easy... 10 years, 10 Diamonds!

    In few days I'll be at 5 and guess which will be my present.

  2. Michele will gift her a robot.... I'm pretty sure :D

  3. Yet another SuperWoman. This time our admin in London which correctly guessed what my IM status of "10 Years!" meant.

    No men noticed or guessed...