Monday, February 18, 2008


My first (and last?) trip with EasyJet

I am going to London for a week and decided to fly EasyJet. I have used RyanAir several times in the past and I have been very satisfied with them. Cheap tickets and flights that leave and arrive on time.

I have, eh... had, to arrive "early" this morning so I opted to take EasyJet as they have early flights from Malpensa. I decided to pay a bit extra for the Speedy Boarding Service which according to the web site has a dedicated check-in so I could arrive at the airport a bit later. That turned out to be false. As the picture shows I was stuck for 20 minutes in the Slow Boarding Service with everybody else. What a waste of money and time.

Not that it made any difference as my 7:30 flight is (at least) 3 1/2 hours delayed.

Looks like it will be a loooong week.

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