Wednesday, August 8, 2007


How to fix alarms and reminders not working on Pocket PC

This Pocket PC bug comes in several "flavors" and I have had the misfortune of encountering several of them:

  • Reminders for appointments do not work

  • Alarms ring but they do not pop up the notification so there is no way to turn them off!

Only a hard resets fixes the problem :-(

It turns out this is caused by a "feature" on Windows Mobile 2003 and newer devices. Windows Mobile runs a maintenance job at midnight. This job is scheduled to take 15 seconds but it may take longer if the device is low on memory, has a lot of data or if you have a reminder set for midnight. The end result is that the reminder is only half triggered and the reminders do not work anymore.

The free WakeUp tweak utility fixed the problem for me. I used it to enlarge the maintenance window to 30 seconds and I have not had any problems in several months. It also has tools to "clean up" the job database if it contains half triggered reminders.

You can also fix this manually by leaving the device on at midnight so the maintenance job can finish properly. But you are likely to have the problem again unless you change the size of the maintenance window.

This article explains the cause in further detail and suggests several ways to fix the problem.

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