Tuesday, January 9, 2007


My Lego NXT progress and the iRobot Create

Once in a while I find projects like the Lego NXT Segway that makes me feel sorry for hardly using my Lego NXT.

The serious bots don't use the official Lego Mindstorms NXT graphical development environment but lower level tools like NBC (Next Byte Codes & Not eXactly C) for improved performance and added features like multithreading. But while coding in "C" makes it possible to make advanced bots it completely locks out my young kids. They are better at using the computer than my parents but they still have a long way before they start messing with threads… So, I have decided to put the "advanced" bots on the shelf for a while and have fun with the kids building basic bots instead. They love Lego and it is a great satisfaction to see something you have built move around autonomously.

If you think 250 euro is too much to spend on a toy, why not consider the iRobot Create. It is considerably cheaper and it can do something useful [via Bordoni]

BTW: remember to update the Lego Mindstorms software and Firmware if you have one. There are  new features like the "mini" building blocks that save memory.

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