Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Java is finally free

Sun has released Java to the open source community under the GPL version 2 license.

The following components of the JDK has been open sourced so far, more elements of the JDK are on the way:

  • javac, the Java programming language compiler

  • Java HotSpot Virtual Machine

  • JavaHelp 2.0 extensible help system

Sun is also establishing the OpenJDK Community:

The OpenJDK Community is where developers will gather to collaborate on the open-source JDK code base and related projects. The OpenJDK project in which the open-source code base will ÒliveÓ is part of this community. Through the OpenJDK project, developers will be able to directly influence the future of the JDK implementation, participate with their peers in an open community and help take Java technology where it hasn't been before. Sun is evolving the existing JDK Community, where developers have been working on the source code over the past two years, into a site where Sun and non-Sun developers alike can collaborate together on the implementation.

More information at the Java OpenSource FAQ

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  1. The beginning of the end? I don't know nut in the future we'd be more wise to test everything for a longer period before putting on an enterprise. I think that Open Source could be good for low money value or client stuff. When you have some business to do it's better to have someone responsible for it that can answer to your needs. I hope for the best...