Tuesday, June 6, 2006


I am full: no more NDR spam please

I have had enough of NDR mail spam. I just came back from Mugello and I was met by this inbox:

(1 legitimate e-mailif you can spot it)

SPF does not seem to fix the problem so I am left with the following options:

  1. Quietly drop on message in my e-mail client (a major pain when I download mail with a pocket pc)

  2. Remove the wildcard routing on egilh.com. This means the NDR will bounce back to the postmaster sending me the NDR (a pain for the innocent 3rd party but I save bandwith and -a lot of time- hunting down spammers)

Suggestions anyone?


  1. Why not letting the source SMTP server put in spam blacklist?

    1st - The source SMTP shouldn't relay emails which sender claims to be from a domain not mastered by it.

    2nd - open a dedicated inbox for postmater only (or whichever email you put in your DNS record) and the check it sometimes (at least don't syncronize it with your PDA).

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Michele.

    #1: I have had a look at the 686 spam items I have received in the last few weeks and very few, if any, are sent by the same host. Judging by the SMTP headers they are mostly sent by ADSL subscribers around the world. My best guess is that they are infected with spam bots

    #2: The NDR does not go to the postmaster account but to the faked from user; usually a random set of characters like xyz@mydomain.com. All these mails are routed to one wildcard account which I use for all subscriptions. The wildcard alias has been very usefully in the past as it allows me to see ASAP if someone sells my mail address to a spammer (it has happened a few times). I can drop the wildcard alias but then I have to manually add a route for each site I register on.

    More suggestions? Please?