Friday, May 5, 2006


Call me Darth Vader

You can call me Darth Vader after the sounds I made last night…

A month or so ago, I started experiencing some of the symptoms of hay fever / pollen allergy: sneezing, itching nose and eyes, runny nose (occasionally nosebleeds) and impaired smell. I have been taking a non prescription medicine every other day lately which has helped a lot. Until I got creative yesterday and stopped taking it as I felt a lot better. I wish I had not, as I can now add another symptom to the list: wheezing:

During an asthma episode, inflamed airways react to environmental triggers such as smoke, dust, or pollen. The airways narrow and produce excess mucus, making it difficult to breathe.

It was a scary experience that makes me feel sorry for people with serious Asthma problems. The doc gave me some pills that should keep the allergy at bay and an inhalator that should help me breath if I start wheezing again.

A learning by doing lesson I whish I had skipped.

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