Sunday, April 9, 2006


poToday: A GTD task manager for the Pocket PC

poToday for the Pocket PC makes it easier to focus on the tasks that are due on any given day. I have been practicing Getting Things Done ever since I got my first Palm Pilot before I knew it had a fancy name. In Outlook I use  a customized view that shows all tasks due today, grouped by priority. This feature does not exist on the Pocket PC so I implemented a simple task manager using .NET Compact Framework

poToday shows the current date with buttons to move back/forward by one day, week or month. The menu commands are pretty simple:

  • New creates a new tasks due the current day. The new task is automatically marked private
  • Scheduling lets you move the selected task to any given day of the week, or by a fixed increment like one day, week or month. The "Catch up" feature moves all expired tasks to today.
  • Priority lets you change the priority

Note that the tasks can be sorted by clicking the column heading

Changes in .NET 2.0 version:

  • The menus have been changed to better take advantage of the application buttons in Windows Mobile 5.0.
  • Added menu for moving between days, sorting. One of the things I really like with the new menus is that it allows me to do everything with the menus and hardware buttons. No need to take out the stylus.
  • The application is a lot smaller as it no longer requires and external DLL for talking to Pocket Outlook

Changes in poToday 3.0:

  • Supports English date formats

  • Added a "move to no date" feature

  • Added context support (using the categories in Outlook).

  • Support for different screen orientations and sizes

No installation required. Just download poToday and copy the .exe to your SD Card or the Pocket PC. For the .NET 1.1 version you also have to copy the correct Pocket Outlook wrapper for your platform.

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