Thursday, September 29, 2005


Microsoft wants a faster JBoss on Windows Server

I do not know how much effort Microsoft will put into this; but I believe it is great news: Microsoft, JBoss Unveil Interoperability Pact 

On Tuesday, Microsoft and JBoss announced that they are looking at ways to enhance interoperability between the Windows Server and the JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS). Microsoft also said it plans to bolster support for JBoss in the Windows Server.

The companies’ technology engagement will include "technical assistance and guidance" designed to optimize the performance of JBoss on Microsoft's Active Directory integrated sign-on and federated identity capabilities and of JBoss' Hibernate object/relational mapping tool and Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 on Microsoft’s SQL Server, according to Microsoft. The two software vendors also aim to better collaborate on Web services connectivity using the WS* standards endorsed by Microsoft and to develop a JBoss Management Pack for the Microsoft Operations Manager management platform.

That Microsoft wants JBoss to run on Windows Server instead of on Linux should be no surprise to anyone. I am glad to see that they will "better collaborate on Web services connectivity using the WS*". SOAP and Web Services are built on standards but anyone who have tried to transfer complex objects/structures between different WS vendors/platform knows that it' is far from easy. I usually end up using the method from last millennium; return a basic string that contains XML. Not the fastest and most elegant method but it works with "everything".

Wouldn't it be great if you could pass objects and collections between Java and .NET?

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