Friday, March 25, 2005


Skiing trip last weekend

I was hoping to go skiing with my family two weeks ago but had to cancel my plans for work.

Probably just as well, as the weather was just gorgeous when we went to a local ski resort this weekend. The picture below was taken with a phone while I was in the ski lift so it doesn't convey how lovely it was:

A good day became a great day when my oldest daughter started skiing for real. We rented the complete outfit and played around a bit before we took the 4-seat ski lift to the top. The first couple of trips we used a tip lock I bought last year. It makes it a lot easier to learn to ski and keep the skis in a wedge position. After she got the hang of breaking, she decided she wanted try for herself without the tip lock. A couple of falls but it went really well. Well enough to make dad very proud.

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