Thursday, December 16, 2004


How and why people use camera phones

Microsoft Research has researched the use of Cameraphones. I'm about to get my first camera phone tomorrow, a Nokia 6630. Wonder what kind of user I will be.

In this paper we describe an in-depth study into how people (adults and young people) use their camera phones. Using a combined method of interviews and grounded discussions around a sample of actual photos, we look at people's intentions at the time of capture, subsequent patterns of use, and desires for future technology. The result is a 6-part taxonomy which provides a framework for describing the way images are used both for sharing and personal use, and for affective (or emotional) reasons and functional use. On the basis of this framework, we discuss the value of camera phones and point to ways in which future design may encourage its emerging value.

One thing is for sure: I can think of one occasion when I really wanted to have a camera handy!

I have used a Nokia 6600 the last few weeks while I am waiting for the replacement for my broken phone. Didn't use the camera much but I got the chance to try it the last time I was in London waiting for a flight.

Via [MSDN Student Flash]

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